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To renew your membership, please follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your DisneyStore.com membership account
  2. Go to Member Profile and select desired option
  3. Click “add to bag” and proceed to checkout

To speak with a Cast Member, please call (855) 323-5973.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that my D23 Membership is due for renewal? There are 3 easy ways to find out.

  1. Sign in to your D23 Membership account on DisneyStore.com, go to Member Profile. If the options to renew are showing on your page, then it’s time to renew.
  2. All active members will receive an email from D23 30 days before their memberships are due for renewal. Another reminder will be sent via email when the membership expiration date has occurred.
  3. Look for the expiration date on the back of your membership card.

How do I renew my membership?
Simply follow the directions on the email, or sign in to your D23 Membership account on DisneyStore.com and select the renewal level that you prefer.

Why can't I access D23 Membership renewals from Boutique23 anymore?
We have upgraded our systems to assist our members in a smoother renewal process for D23 Gold Memberships. Now, members will be notified via email (unless the member has opted out of receiving emails) 30 days prior to the expiration of their membership. There will be a link included in the email to renew your membership. If a guest's membership expires more than 120 days from clicking on the renewal link, the guest will not be able to renew their membership. If you are within 120 days of your membership expiring (gold memberships expire on the last day of the month listed on your membership card), sign in to your DisneyStore.com membership account and renew your membership.

What happens if I miss the deadline to renew?
If your membership has expired, you have a 30 day grace period from the last day of the expiration month to renew and keep the same membership and status. Your new expiration date will be 12 months from your current expiration date.

When can I renew my D23 Membership?
All memberships must be renewed anytime during the month prior to expiration only. Early renewals will no longer be offered.

Can I change my renewal level before my one year membership subscription has expired?
Yes, you can upgrade from General to Gold level. Membership changes to reduce benefits can only be submitted during the month prior to your current expiration date.

What’s the difference in prices for renewing at a level other than my current level of membership?

Active D23 Gold Membership to Gold Membership Renewal $69.99
Active D23 Silver Membership to Gold Membership Renewal $69.99
Active D23 General Membership to Gold Membership Renewal $79.99

Do D23 Memberships have any Shipping/Handling fees?
The cost of a D23 membership includes a $5.00 handling fee, plus applicable shipping charges.

Are there membership options for those under the age of 18?
You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a D23 Membership or any D23 merchandise. However, adults can purchase gift memberships for those under 18, and most member events are suitable for the whole family. For assistance with purchasing a membership for those under 18, please call (855) 323-5973.